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Saturday, 1 October 2016

Awarded as Microsoft MVP for the second time - October 2016

Today I am very happy to announce that, I have been awarded as Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for the second consecutive year in a row and I am still a Windows Development MVP since October 2015.

Thanks a lot to Microsoft, Microsoft MVP Award team, Gandharv Rawat & Biplab Paul for this special recognition. A special thank to my blog readers, all my community friends for your support and feedback throughout the year. Without you, it would be quite difficult.

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Monday, 5 September 2016

Windows 10 UWP Community Toolkit: Twitter integration sample (C#-Xaml)

In the previous article, I wrote an article about "How to integrate twitter in silver-light windows phone 8.0". Previously we need to integrate third party libraries with so many lines of code to post a status message on the social network. But fortunately, now it is very easy to post a status message on Twitter & Facebook social networks with windows 10 UWP Community Toolkit Services.

Friday, 29 July 2016

Windows 10 App Development Tutorial - Getting started with UWP app development, beginners guide (C#-Xaml)

This article is only for the people who were really don't know about Windows 10 UWP app development and also who are looking for the answer to "why now days people are already started to learn Windows 10 app development instead of Windows phone 8.1..Windows Phone 7.0?". Also hope you already heard about the most of companies are started to hiring the people who were experienced in Windows 10 UWP development and why?. And some people are having question like "Is it possible to develop UWP with Xamarin Technology?". These all questions can be covered in this article and hope you visited this article means you are showing the interest to learn UWP development:).

Sunday, 17 July 2016

Top 50 Xamarin Cross Platform Development Interview questions (C# - Xaml)

It is time to learn xamarin cross platform development and people are already started in so many organizations, because of we can deliver native iOS, Android, and Windows apps using existing skills, teams, and code(C#, xaml ) with free of cost. Many company's are started hiring the Xamarin developers, and if you are good at xamarin, they are ready to give bigger packages for you as much as possible. If you are looking for Xamarin developer position in new company and you may need to face interview questions on Xamarin Technology. Here I am going to explain you most common interview questions with answers and also please correct me if any wrong content found in this article. Also pleases note that for accuracy purpose I visited Xamarin official website and googling as well to adapted some content.

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Windows App Enterprise Code Signing: Install & Export Symantec Certificate


Enterprise or company distribution is the great feature introduced from Windows Phone 8 is the ability to self-publish and distribute applications within an organization. Users can install apps published by their company only after they enroll their phones for app distribution from their company, and only users that are enrolled for app distribution from the company can install the company apps.
There are some general steps that companies must follow to establish a company account, enroll devices, and distribute apps to their enrolled devices. The following sections provide an overview of this process:

Saturday, 16 April 2016

Top Windows 10 UWP App Development Interview questions (C#-Xaml) – Part1

In this first part, I am going to explain nearly fifty windows 10 Universal Windows Platform(UWP) app development questions. And in next part i will introduce more advanced UWP questions. Please correct me if any questions having any mistakes in a content and also please note that for accuracy purpose, I adapted some content from MSDN .

Monday, 28 March 2016

Microsoft Build 2016 Live Streaming (March 30 – April 1)

Those who are not able to attend Microsoft’s event, which is pretty much every regular person in the world, Microsoft provided an official live stream on its website. To watch the BUILD conference, build live streaming option added in our blog in below of this article, and don’t miss a single announcement by Microsoft from the conference.

Sunday, 27 March 2016

How to install Windows 10 SDK and Windows 10 New Emulators with Visual Studio 2015 Update 1, Beginners Tutorials with Step by Step Guidance

If you are a beginner with Windows 10 UWP(Universal Windows Platform) apps, this post is here to help you get started. Step by step, I am going to show you "How to install windows 10 sdk ?" and also "How to install windows 10 New Emulators ?" with Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 1. 

This article can explain you about below topics:
1. Why UWP apps?
2. How to install Windows 10 sdk?
3. How to repair, modify and uninstall Windows 10 sdk?
4. How to install Windows 10 Emulators?

Saturday, 5 March 2016

Windows 10 #UWP Apps: Now Calendar Controls are available for Phone, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)

In prev post i was explained about how to use TimePicker & DatePicker controls in WinRT windows phone 8.1.But the DatePicker is optimized for picking a known date, such as a date of birth, where the context of the calendar is not important. Fortunately from Windows 10 OS(version 10.0.10240.0) Microsoft introduce CalendarView & CalendarDatePicker controls, so these controls can gives you a standardized way to let users view and interact with a calendar. 

Saturday, 13 February 2016

Windows 10 #UWP Apps: How to deploy .appx file with Application Deployment (WinAppDeployCmd.exe) tool, beginners tutorials (C#-XAML)

In prev post i was explained about how to deploy .appx file in WinRT windows phone 8.1. During development you typically deploy and run your app from Visual Studio. Optionally in WinRT/Silverlight windows phone 8.1, you can also use the stand-alone Application Deployment tool to deploy your app to the emulator or to a registered device. But in Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform(UWP), With Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 10166, Microsoft was introduce the Windows 10 Application Deployment (WinAppDeployCmd.exe) tool. 

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